About Our Product

Who Knew Your Toilet Could Smell So Good?

Choose the poo spray that works instantly

Our company’s owner, Cody Miller, created Love My Throne poo spray as a solution to persistent bathroom stenches. His wife was so unhappy with the smells he left behind that she banished him from their shared bathroom until he found a solution. After six months and the testing of 400-500 samples, Love My Throne spray was born. Our odor-neutralizing poo spray can defeat even the strongest bathroom odors and will actually leave your bathroom smelling fresher than it did before you used it.

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Experience the benefits of our specially formulated spray

Love My Throne spray is more than just an odor-eliminator. Made from environmentally safe cleaning solutions, it’s a triple action product that:

  • Keeps the toilet bowl clean
  • Uses essential oils to leave a long-lasting fragrance
  • Neutralizes even the most pungent odors

Enjoy a cleaner, better-smelling bathroom today by getting your hands on some Love My Throne poo spray.